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"Eclipses may be the product of extraordinary cosmic coincidence and today may be precisely predictable, but what drives people to station themselves to witness such events -- and why eclipses have a unique place in human history -- is that they never fail to produce the feeling of awe. Whether it was Caesar or Constantine or Lord Mountbatten or Monet or almost anyone else who lived in the past, or who will ever exist in the future, is assured that just as you and I continue to do, that person has looked up and seen an eclipsed Sun or eclipsed Moon and has marveled at the grandeur of the sight."
-Expert from "The Mask Of The Sun"

August 7th - Lunar Eclipse

 August 16 - Street artists arrive and begin painting murals

August 17 - Exclusive artist meet and greet event (Pineapple Party)

August 18 - Fashion Gallery opening reception

 August 19 - Food Trucks, Beer, and Music hosted by Made in KC 

August 20 - Artists leave for St. Joseph to camp for the Eclipse

 August 21 - THE GREAT AMERICAN SOLAR ECLIPSE (1 pm central)

August 25 - Afterparty

All of the United States will see the eclipsed sun, at least partially. However, those who station themselves within the Lunar Shadow path will witness the sky turn to night for nearly 3 minutes. The corona will appear extended beyond the moons shadow, and the stars will appear in the sky. This will occur a little before noon in the Central Time Zone.

We want to celebrate this rare celestial event, one that we will certainly remember for a lifetime. We seek to memorialize this cosmic coincidence within our community, creating murals, events, and memorabilia to cherish our creative potentials and collaborate like never before.