“Mr. Coolidge is a bit of a celebrity in the internationally-renowned St. Petersburg, FL art scene. Leading the muralist pack in number of public works to his name, it is practically impossible to travel anywhere within the city without feasting one’s eyes upon one of his rich surreal creations.” -HuffPost

Sebastian’s soft-spoken nature sharply contrasts his big and bold art style, he spans between whimsical imagery to darkly bizarre subject matter. Needless to say, his work is never boring. “There’s something old-worldly I think I have this connection with. I try to paint things from history and mix it with modern stuff — kind of like a past, present and future in all my paintings. I collect old photos and animal bones, I think because I feel like when I die I want my soul to be cherished by someone.
This Kansas City native moved to St. Pete six years ago, and started by rummaging for used paint from dumpsters then offering to paint murals for food, clothes, or cash. These humble beginnings are now just a thing of the past, and Coolidge is one of the most prolific DTSP muralists." -stpetemuraltour.com/2014/09/08/sebastian-coolidge/