Kansas City is experiencing a major cultural expansion, and with it's epicenter in the East Crossroads.  With the Solar Eclipse touching down in our hometown, now is the time to capitalize on this international attention. That is why we are bringing in some of the best street artists from around the country and even the world, to commemorate this 3-minute event and make it last a a little longer...If you've ever taken a trip to Miami, you've more than likely seen Wynwood Blvd. You may also be familiar with Bushwick in Brooklyn. These street art mecca's are world-renown and draw hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. This is what we are transforming the East Crossroads into; an art-mecca of our own mid-west design.

     We have nearly two dozen buildings that are primed and ready to go be painted all across the Crossroads Arts District. The week and weekend leading up to the Eclipse, we are celebrating this truly incredible Arts District and really putting it on the map as an art-rich destination with a strong street art presence. In a week's time, we hope to transform the facade of the Crossroads Arts District and focus our collective cultural identity. 

Participating Muralists

National/International Artists
Ackzilla! & Annavee . Alex Senna . Jake Merten . Justin Wagher . Madman . Phyber . Registered Artist
Sebastian Coolidge . Ten Hundred . They Drift . Wiley

Local Artists
Ape . Evan Jackson . Jamie McClead . Kevin "EFG" Perkins . Moniker the Monster . Munden
Sabertooth Thomas . Sike . Thomas "Pigsty" Woodward . Zach Laman